getting baked with gin-san on a sunday afternoon

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Olive oil bread dough - apply heat and it turns into a garlic focaccia 

Seems to work well for me with consistent results. Between 2-3 hours proofing at room temp before being put in the fridge for cold proofing for 12+ hours.


Took it out of the fridge to come up to room temp and rise more since getting the dough out of the bowl I use for it’s main rise deflates it a bit.

Once it’s puffed up and close to room temp - mix olive oil and crushed garlic, brush the garlic oil on the dough - pat the dough with your fingers so that it creates little dimples in the dough where the garlicky oil goodness pools up. Season with salt and pepper.


Looks like a lot of oil now but it makes for such a nice bread and crust when it’s finish. Will post results later. Not sure what I’m going to do with it first, might just make some peppers/onions/eggs and a couple of slices of cheddar to make a breakfast type sandwich.

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