If I’m lucky I’ll just need bearings and rods for the Nissan. Except I’m not just going to get bearings and rods, because doing the rods requires removing the head to get to the crank pins, and if I take off the head and remove the pistons I might as well do piston rings, head gasket, clean the valves, etc. etc. etc. and a $60 bearing replacement becomes a several hundred dollar engine refresh. And then there’s the Miata, which I’m building into a turbo racecar that will be completely useless because it will require E85 which is only sold at three local stations and will get complete shit fuel economy. Once I get it turbo’d and running I might just try to trade it for an NA8. All of this custom fab bullshit is far too much fiddly crap and I just want a car that works. Meanwhile the Buick runs great but I still worry about the transmission, which still shifts hard at max line pressure and continues to make all kinds of odd grinding noises at medium load.

Pic related. 1996 Miata M edition. In blue. #goals