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Getting Closer To Finding The Leak. Update! Found It!

Update, I used a wirewheel to remove all traces of rust and the panel filler was hiding a lot of rust. I guess I need to replace that?

After removing all the rust I put some auto primer.


Passenger side even had a larger hole!

Need to buy some bondo and I should paint over it?

Yesterday afternoon I removed some bolts to get behind the fender / firewall and found a handful of decomposed leaves, acorns, and twigs.(acorns look like the ones from my old house) The black foam was soaking wet, pretty much also decomposing as I squeezed the water out.


The leaves were sandwiched between that thin metal next to the park brake cable and the black fender (top of picture) that is pulled away




The carpet in my S-10 never wanted to dry so I removed the dam thing.

Quite easy to do, just be careful not to bump the airbag sensor sticking straight up in the middle of the cab :|


The drivers side floor been wet for a few months, but looks like this damage could of been years?


I pulled up on the rubber piece above the pedals and I got some water on my gloves. I’ll stick my inspection camera up there to see if there is any more damage.


Some where along the wheel well side of the drivers side... windshield?

I will be taking a wire wheels and remove all the rust and bubbled paint, then prime and paint. Letting the carpet dry in the shed.

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