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Good progress has been made as of late on the Chevelle. Not particularly visibly, the wiring is completed (including the ignition box and wideband controller; the latter is only going to be there until I’m happy with the tune so its wiring isn’t wrapped into the rest) and tested out. It works, and looks pretty good. I have the correct clips to secure the harness on the right (where the white zip ties are), just have to find them in the Box of Parts. I keep forgetting about them.

Illustration for article titled Getting Down to Earth

In kinda-sorta related news (if we can consider wiring to just be electrical plumbing) I finally got the bits for the fuel lines, seen above, and installed the heater hoses, seen above-er. The radiator is also half-installed (the upper mount is still in my dining room for no good reason, with the fender extensions), and the radiator hoses hooked up.

Illustration for article titled Getting Down to Earth

Finally (except for the stuff I’m probably forgetting), the good wheels and tires are back on the front, and the car is sitting back on the ground instead of stands/ramps. Fortunately, it seems the weight difference between the old engine and the new (the new one is considerably lighter) isn’t enough to make it sit weird.

Having lured you this far in, if you didn’t yet realize, the title of this post is a double pun, as not only is there grounding/earthing involved in electrical work, but also the car is back to sitting on the ground. You’re welcome.

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