Hurricane Ridge circa the first road trip in 2015.
Hurricane Ridge circa the first road trip in 2015.
Photo: Taylor

Two cars purchased, one to go. Only one AirBnB booked, but many more lined up and almost ready to pull the trigger on. Schedule and route are all but final... I think we’re good! This trip is happening.


George scored a car yesterday. It was funny to see him run through all the same emotions I did when I bought mine. Mostly we shared a desperate need to tell anyone and everyone about it, but since we’d agreed to keep the cars secret we can’t. I try not to talk about the cars even in general terms because I know I’ll let something slip.

Yes I did consider encoding a secret message in this post. No I did not do that.

Taylor will be the last to buy a car. He has a packed schedule between now and the trip and only has a couple of days in Austin to find, buy, register, and ship a car. Sounds like fun to me!


We did make one change: We’re starting in Tacoma. Weird, I know. But we concluded that Tacoma is a better fit over Seattle for a number of reasons:

  1. We never get to explore the starting city anyway
  2. We never really have time to meet with anyone in the starting city
  3. We’ll all be back to Seattle eventually
  4. Tacoma is cheaper
  5. Tacoma should have less traffic and better parking
  6. Tacoma cuts about an hour off the 1st day drive, giving the the possibility of heading up to Hurricane Ridge, where we ended the 1st trip.

Oh also I was born in Tacoma. Not sure that is relevant.

I’d like the oppotunity to meet up with some PNW Oppos, but I can’t promise anything.


Overall, I’m excited to see things come together. I’m buying ferry tickets today, hopefully, and then we should be all set!

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