Hello fellow Opponauts,

Not too long ago I ordered a Curt tow hitch for my new Sentra, in order to utilize my Swagman hitch-mounted bike rack that I have used with previous vehicles.

Well, I received it as well as the instructions, and realized that despite my disease-addled brain reading (or probably just dreaming) that the website said no drilling was required, sure enough, the instructions state the use of a die grinder is necessary to enlarge the existing holes in the frame.


Unfortunately, in my current accomodations, I don’t have access to power tools, nor do I have anywhere to put them, and I’m not sure how much I trust myself to drill into my 2 1/2 month old car’s chassis.

I’m wondering where I can get this hitch installed, for a cost of course, because the trunk-mounted bike rack that isn’t secure and damages paint, as well as putting the bike inside the car with the seats folded down, is getting really old.

The car isn’t rated to tow (even though it’s a 6-speed, not a CVT) so I doubt a Nissan dealer would do it.

Thanks guys & gals.