The car loving community is really a lovely bunch of people, and I totally understand wanting to be a part of it. But at least try to do it right.

During the short walk from my car to the doors at my school, I was exposed to some of the worst examples of people trying far too hard to pretend to know about cars. These are the kinds of people that will jump into any conversation and give their "facts" no matter how inaccurate they may be.

A Senior that parks a few cars down from me got to drive his dad's car into school today, a few year old Camaro SS, and he was rather proud of himself. Good for him. Go have fun in that thing. We will call him Billy, mostly because he looks like a Billy.

He began walking with another senior who we will call Tony, mostly because his name is Tony.


Here is how the conversation went:

Tony: Hey man! Nice Car!

Billy: Thanks! It's my dads!

Tony: Sure looks like fun!

Billy: Yea, 500 horsepower, the thing is a beast.

Now a little light Googling will show that a Camaro SS does not have 500 horsepower. Now this would've been a fairly forgivable mistake. Maybe it had a light tune, or exhaust work. It probably does feel like 500 horsepower from his perspective. It would've been fine if this was an end of it, but it wasn't.

Billy: It's fun, but I can't wait until my dad gets the Z/28 later this year

Tony: Woah! Don't those have like 600 horsepower?

Billy: Actually 750. Supercharged V8, It'll be great!

Now 750 horsepower is a bold claim in any respect. A Camaro Z/28 is a jolly quick car I'm sure, but it's certainly not 750 horsepower quick. The Z/28 is also not supercharged.


Then somebody mentioned the new Corvette, which I'm assuming in their mind has a 1000 horsepower turbocharged jet engine.

Tony: Did he ever think about the Corvette?

Billy: He drove the new Z06, and it is fast, but Camaro is better. The Viper is a better value anyways.


The Viper is a better value anyways he said. Those words were actually spoken. I immediately began walking away from them at the fastest speed I could without looking suspicious.

I get the whole wanting to be a part of the car culture crowd, but at least kind of do some sort of research so you're not wrongfully spreading word of a 750 horsepower supercharged Camaro Z/28. Thats just inaccurate.


UPDATE: I went into school today, again walking in with Billy because I have no other options only to find out that after driving his dad's Camaro into school again on Friday, he was rear ended on his way home. The schools resident drug dealer claims his brakes failed and he slammed right into the back of Billy's fathers 500 horsepower Camaro SS. Guess he now has a reason to get the Z/28 he talked so much about.