After having a 2 hours commute (4 hours a day) for 18 months leaving no time at all to have an actual life, I quit my job 10 days ago (I actually quit a while ago, but had a 3 months notice).
So I’ve been jobless since last week, but have not been (entirely) lazy.

The 6 cylinder 1960 Bel Air I bought sight unseen some weeks ago didn’t run well, so I decided to check its compression:

First I cried, then I considered calling Steve Lehto, and finally resigned to opening the engine.

Head out:


Pistons out:

The piston rings were all broken, my first hope was that throwing in a new set would fix the problem. Then I saw this:


The first piston ring on cylinder 6 broke in small pieces and destroyed the piston. Two small pieces even overlapped and stuck in the groove. And the walls of cylinders 3 and 4 looked like this:


After measuring the cylinder diameter, I figured it must have been rebuilt in the past, since the original 90,50 mm diameter had become 90,90 mm. and the pistons were Mahle pistons, which are not original either. 0,40 mm is about 0,016" oversize, so there should still be enough material left to go to 0,030" or 0,060" oversize (the grooves are deep).

I took the rest of the engine out to get it rebored:


The alternative would be to get new cylinder sleeves and take it back to original specs. I haven’t found a source for cylinder sleeves yet, but that would be the first choice (I’m open to any suggestion).