I have driven every vehicle we have today except the T Bird.

I took the Sunchaser this morning and made an appointment to fix the window, broken by Nikon and replaced incorrectly. They claim they can replace the dessicated window seals, which they call “rattle strips.” Other 80s Toyota guys have told me these are hard to find, so I am still expecting to have to have them fabricated. A buddy in LA claims to know a place that can do it.

Then I took my 13 year old and the dogs to obedience school in my wife’s QX60, then a quick trip to lunch in the Vespa.

After a nasty heat wave and rare humid weather, we have settled into normal summer weather. Dry, high 90s in the day, 60s at night. I want to do a night cruise in the Sunchaser, but it is scary with those dim, sealed-beam headlights. Tonight, we grill.


I took my son out to practice driving today. The Q70L is a longer car than my wife’s QX60, which will help prepare him for the T Bird. He oversteers in the corners, and has a hard time parking.


The weather is perfect for the pool.