So here’s the thing. 38 years without needing any correction, but my new job has me behind a computer screen for 8+ hours a day. So now I’m suffering some degeneration. Not a lot, mind you, my “prescription” if you want to call it that, is a +0.50 in my right eye, and +0.75 in my left. Basically reading glasses territory. I might be slightly farsighted, which is making me a little nearsighted? I don’t know, the doc said that, and I was a bit untrusting, because doctor.

Anyway, this set the wife off on glasses research land, and she has come up with me needing to get computer glasses. Turns out Gunnar makes Rx lenses now. Anyone have any experience with this? I have an old pair of Gunnars I’m wearing from an extended data analysis binge job i had years ago, but they aren’t Rx. I don’t mind the yellow tint at all, and it seems to be helping with my eye strain in the fluorescent light bath I live in. What say you, Oppo?