of people yelling at me for THEIR bad driving.

Example 1 - 3 way stop. I’m clearly 2nd to the stop so i wait for the guy on my left. and wait. nothing. 5 seconds at least, which is a long time at a stop. So I go, then he suddenly starts going. We do that stop start thing a few times then I roll through and then as I pass he gives me a sarcastic thumbs up. Really? Holding a phone in the other hand.


Example 2 - In the intersection waiting to turn left, the light is turning yellow. About 100 yards from the light in the opposing lane a truck and an accord are approaching the light. I start to turn as the light turns red. Not in a hurry, just clearing the intersection per the law. Here comes accord running a very red light and nearly hitting me. He slows to a stop and swerves out of my way...flips me off and yells “what are you doing?!”. What am I doing?! Keep in mind that he saw a yellow light 100 yards at least before he decided to run it.

The hell people?!

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