Sweet. Another member of the AlfaBB is stripping an '82 GTV6 for LeMons and is selling me these seats. I've been looking for a set of REAL Recaro mesh-heads (or halos, depending on which part of the world you live in) since I got the car. Not great shape, but for $200, plus $100 to ship (via Greyhound)? Hellsyeah.

I figure the ripped stitching in the bottom cushion can be easily repaired, and maybe temporarily patch the side bolster with some vinyl. The headrests can probably be sprayed with some of that fancy SEM vinyl and leather "paint". I've had good luck with door cards and other flexible bits.

But yesssssssss... they're original Recaros, the rails don't need to be modified whatsoever, and they're even the right color. Score.

Now I need to figure out how to sell my existing seats. The driver's seat leather is totally shot, passenger is pretty good. The design is a carry-over from the older GTV, so maybe there's a buyer somewhere.