Finally got the car in to a competent shop to have transmission codes pulled. Got a code 41, which points to a faulty pack or faulty TCM.

He was able to bypass the PRNODL switch and get the trans to work normally when hooked up to his computer, so he’s thinking it’s either a bad switch or my TCM isn’t jiving with my ECM.

We know my pack and TCM are good as both work perfectly in my van, but 92 was an awkward changeover year where certain parts won’t jive with newer parts, so I will try the switch first as it’s the cheapest route. If that doesn’t work, I’ll have to find a 92 TCM and hopefully that will have me up and driving.


I have a new switch on order and regained much needed hope for my project.

Here’s a Turbo Caravan for your time: