I swear, my car looks like it was a stunt double on the set of the "Evil Dead" A black car that look like it's been wrapped in yellow velour. I mean, that particular sap drop was about the size of a Reese's Pieces. And it's not not like it was there all by itself, no no, it had to bring along all it's friends.

Anyway, in other news, the S has a new top on it. For the moment. Tomorrow, I go buy more rivets so that when I drill out the ones that I already installed, I have something else to put in there. Turns out, (and those of you out there with S2000's pay attention!) you need to put the head of the rivet towards the interior, not towards the body of the car as common sense might dictate. Sigh. But the good news is that the new top fits, and I did get to really blow out all the crap from my interior. It needed it, and I only cracked one of the interior plastic parts. Sigh again. At least it's pretty well hidden and not in a visible or used area. Soon enough I will have her back out on the road again. It's been too long.