Getting wet feet, in more ways than one.

We’ve had an exceptional amount of rain over the past day, and with the ground already waterlogged it’s led to a large amount of flooding. It was wet but passable on the way to work, but some water did dislodge a plastic undertray. It was still attached, but dragging.


My commute is typically a 10 minute trip, today the journey home took an extra hour. The top image was the first turnaround I made- it’s flowing pretty strongly! There’s actually a crossroads there somewhere. From there it was an exercise in trying different routes that weren’t knee deep in water.

I managed to cut through the lanes and got back out to one of the major roads. By this time I’d got a reasonable feel for my wading depth. A slightly high entry speed soon showed that the bulkhead has some holes in it somewhere and quite a lot of water came in. Fortunately not enough to require the Botswana Solution.


I managed to get within sight of home, but the final blockage was a good foot deep, so I ended up dropping the car at a neighbours and calling for a lift in something more suited to the task.


An alternative route had drained a bit later on in the afternoon, I was able to retrieve the car and set about vacuuming all the water out. Oh and the loose under tray? That fell off somewhere. I don’t know exactly.

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