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So I got out of work a bit early today and figured I’d try to hunt down the oil leak on Crusty. Headed to the pressure wash with some quarters and a can of Gunk to blow off the Erl pan.


This was the worst idea in the history of my poor decision making life!

Turns out that the only thing keeping the erl in the pan (mostly) was the crust of rust.


Which is now gone..

The entire sump portion of the pan is paper thin and one spot was bleeding oil like that time you nicked your chin shaving and thought you were going to bleed to death. By time I got back to the office I was down about 2 quarts. This wasn’t going to do for the hour and a half commute home.


So, with the help of a 3/8 Tek screw with a captured rubber washer I was able to slow the leak to barely noticeable seepage and stopped the rest with Flex Seal.

Flex Seal. An excellent solution for poor judgement.

A new pan and gasket set will be here Wed so I guess my weekend is already planned out..


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