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Ghosted by buyer... AFTER he paid me UPDATED

So here is a thinker for you. Guy shows up last Thursday and wants my bike. Great, he gives me $500 in cash and says he will wire the rest to my account. I give him my acct number/wire routing number and we wait. Bank says it can take up to three business days. The guy is HOUNDING me all weekend. He really wants to get it in his hands. Can’t say I blame him. I keep telling him I need to wait until it posts to my account. So yesterday, bank account says it pending and I tell him we can meet the next day to sign the title over. Fast forward to today,the money is posted to my account and he hasn’t answered any texts/phone calls for 24 hours. This is the same guy who was texting me every couple hours over the weekend asking if the wire had gone through. WTF? So I now have his money, his bike and hes not answering the phone. Is this some sort of elaborate scheme that’s over my head?? Maybe he’s dead? What the hell is going on????

Update: I think I may have a stalker on here. About 20 minutes after I posted this, he finally texted me back. No explanation for the radio silence. I told him I could leave work early to meet him around 3:30. He agrees then doesn’t bother showing up until 5. Freaking ass, I didn’t want that PTO anyway... Whatever, its out of my hair now


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