Before Christmas I broke a band saw blade. I was curious - could I turn it into a giant hand saw? The answer is yes.

The string across the top snapped when I tried upping the tension a bit more. Was it sketchy? Very. The band saw blade was pretty thin, and I only had it screwed into the two uprights. I was able to try cutting with it, and it did cut, but I didn’t want to end up with a face full of snapping band saw blade so I called it quits when the string snapped. I was basically trying to replicate a homemade buck saw, like this:

As a proof of concept, it did work. If I were going to do it again (and more seriously), I’d definitely use a much wider band saw blade. Also, preferably a sharp blade, rather than a dull, snapped one.

Oh well - nothing ventured, nothing gained!