This big (little) guy is one of yesterday’s newborns.

He’s in and getting warm in front of the fire because he’s too damn big! When lambs are newborn they can’t regulate their body temperature and depend on being full of nice warm momma’s milk to keep them up to operating temperature... This big, strong, active lamb is so big that momma doesn’t produce enough milk to fill him up! Even though he would seem to be at a major advantage because of his size, he is still a baby and without the Internal warmth of being full of milk his digestive system slows down and eventually stops, leading to loss of energy and hypothermia. It took him longer to reach hypothermic temps than a small lamb would, but it’s also taking longer to warm him up, and we may have to supplement mom’s milk for a few days just to keep him full enough to operate normally.


Its a sheep again! Full of baaas and pee and sheepishness.


Back outside he goes...