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Gift certificate rules in California?

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Years ago, probably around 2001, my sister gave me a gift certificate to Bristol Farms for $50. As is normal for me I misplaced it, but I did discover it last year whilst doing some cleaning. Since BF doesn’t have any stores in the Midwest, where I live now, I gave it to my folks. Well, they haven’t used it either. The nearest store to them is all of 10-15 miles away, just up the coast in Newport Beach, but they never go there.


I’ll be arriving in OC next week, and want to spend some time in Newport. I figured that we could stop in and use this certificate since we’ll be in the area. As I recall, California had a law that states that gift cards/certificates do not expire in that state and want to find out if that is still the case. Does anyone know of this is still the case?

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