My close group of uni friends get each other bday gifts and we always have issues for one particular dude. Oppo, I turn to you looking for suggestions.

Last year we got him the pictured Lego Crawler Crane. He loved it even though there was manual work involved.


This year he got his own office at work so we’re thinking something cool that can be used as a decoration while also being, well, cool. Perhaps some weird architectural thing or a mechanical system... he likes cars but not quite at Oppo levels. Part of it can be a model CLS cuz that’s what he drives. I also wanted to get a scale engine model but they look kinda cheesy unless it’s the real deal.


  • The premise of these gifts is something you might not necessarily buy for yourself but would enjoy if someone else got for you
  • combined total of $200 CAD
  • Must be purchasable in, or ships to, Canada
  • Cool

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