Gigapixel Where's Waldo, Round 1

There’s currently an image making the rounds on facebook that’s purported to be from a Chinese satellite. The photo is a panorama of a city, but is so massive and detailed that you can zoom in and clearly see people’s faces. Whether or not a satellite actually took the photo (spoiler: it didn’t) this type of image isn’t actually new, it’s called gigapixel photography and is the result of thousands of images stitched together. It means that in this massive cityscape:

you can zoom in and find this man:


And that’s our game. Periodically (read: when work isn’t murdering me) I’ll post up a gigapixel photo for everyone to explore. I’ll give a list of a few things to find, but you’re also encouraged to explore and share cool stuff you found on your own. So let’s begin with this photo of Vancouver, which you can explore here. In addition to the man on the ladder try to find the following:

  • Forester XT
  • VW Bus
  • Roofers on break
  • Porsche 911 glitching the matrix
  • Dog park
  • Hawkeye WRX
  • Pile of chairs on a roof
  • Minghai
  • Lufthansa Airlines jet
  • Cotton Mouth Smoke Shop

Bonus of one internet to the most interesting car spotted

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