So happy. Thank you UPS. Do you know the joy of parts? Vespa restoration phase 1 is in play. Just you wait Oppo, you are going to love this.

Scooterwest rules. Someday, I will be in San Diego long enough to stop in. My bank account will rue that dau, and my marriage will be pushed to the brink.

So much chrome. I am so happy.
Weird Italian instructions.
Pumpkin is disappointed in me. She does not approve of my choices.
Reflector bolts I won’t use. I have RAF target plate bolts, bro.
See? These are bad ass. Tip o’ the hat to the mods.
Vespa badge. I like badges.
ET4 150 Italian badge. I like badges, I already told you.


Kickstart lever came in the chrome kit. Oh, well.

Not one part is coming out of the packaging until the restore. More parts are needed.

It has to be ready to go to my mom’s beach town for July 4. Stay tuned.

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