Dan Gilbert has bought another building in Detroit, huge surprise there, but this one may become the location for a new car based museum. It would be a nice change to the historic car landscape in Detroit since most of the landmarks are hidden in sheds or are just abandoned hulks in the distant landscape. Some possible amenities could include a diner and a drive-in movie theater. While only in planning stages the project has already received 501(c)3 status, a trademark, logo, and a website in development. A main challenge sited for the building is the lack of parking, the developers says that if a close location to find parking for 200-400 vehicles is not found they will look else where.

No matter what happens its nice to see the State Savings Bank getting another lease on life since it has been going through some fairly serious neglect recently. Or it could get turned into a parking garage, which these developers wanted to do with this same property just last year. Only time will tell.