i’ve been having an issue with my rear brakes. They are hydraulic discs. I replaced the pads last summer. It seems each time I go out I have a little less stopping power. the brake lever does not go all the way down but I’m squeezing pretty damn hard and still can;t get them to lock up. So here is what I think in order of likelihood and you can offer your opinion, cuz thats what the internet if for right?

1. Hydraulic Fluid: maybe its just old, maybe it has air, I dunno. Its never been changed. It says it is mineral oil. I was thinking of changing the fluid (however the F you do that). I have mineral oil for the butcherblock counter I made. Is mineral oil the same as mineral oil or are thier differnces? Do i need to buy new mineral oil just so it has a bike on the label insted of a cutting board?

2. Pads: the pads were junk and have morn out only after one year of riding (the previous onrs lasted like 5 years.


3. Dicsc: they seem fine but are also original. I dont know why these would be the problem

4. operator error.  screw you guys.  i know how to pull a handle.

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