UPDATE: Just heard from the owner. Car’s still available but he’s waiting on a duplicate clear title from the DMV.

So, looks like the Saturn is dropping out of the option pool. The insurance is just too high to make it really worth it, and I’m gunning for a 4Cyl.

So, I’ve found a prime little Civic on craigslist. About as much “this is a car” as possible.


  • 2004 Civic EX Coupe [automatic]
  • 102k miles (low?!)
  • 1 owner. Would be private sale
  • Some dents and dings
  • Timing belt done already, tires have less than 10k on them
  • The owner writes emails like an adult
  • $2000 dollars

I’m thinking THIS is the car. The soonest I can see it is Saturday AM since it’s on Long Island and I live in Queens, work in Manhattan. Any naysayers? Experience with this engine / tranny, etc?



And a photo of how it was brand new, via the internet: