This is the difference between technology to improve the vehicle, and technology for technology’s sake.

My preference: Needs & wants

Speedometer, Tachometer, Fuel gauge, Cruise control, FM Radio, Aux jack, Heating/Air (a KNOB please) Defroster, Turn signals, Hazard lights, Windshield wipers, Auto headlights, High beams, Power windows/seats/locks, Clock, Idiot lights, Backup sensors, Interior lights

I’m on the fence about heated/cooled seats and radio presets

My gimmick: Never gonna use it, or only used once out of curiosity

0-60 timer, Sport mode, G-force meter, Power/Torque meter, Traction control on/off, Massaging seats, XM Radio, Sound equalizer, CD input, Navigation, Voice controls, Car phone...anything other than the preferences.


Let’s not fight about what we “need” because remember: If we all had the car that we need, that would probably be a Prius-thing...which would be boring...unless you like Prius-things.


That said...this is the car that I need.