My girlfriend, traditionally known for obsessing over Korean culture and k-pop and giving not a single shit about cars has recently said a couple things that caught me off guard: firstly, she really wants to come to the next autocross with me. Neat. Then two days ago I mentioned that there were some Porsches at Cars and Coffee and her eyes lit up and she said “oh my god a Porsche boxster is my dream car!”. Turns out her econ class had a thing about buying used cars and she saw how cheap manual early-00s reasonable-mileage Boxster are and fell in love. She is currently attempting to get a job so she can save up for one, and I’m fairly certain that autocross will further cement her want of a sports car.

And since neither of us ever want kids (especially after a brief pregnancy scare) we will have even moar money for cars!

Saab for your time.