What is the sound of one piston slapping?
What is the sound of one piston slapping?
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My girlfriend’s car was broken into over the weekend at some point which is rather disconcerting. This happened in our apartment garage which makes me quite worried about our safety walking through there if people are prowling around to steal shit. It was especially odd to me that her car was broken into considering the amount of $100k+ cars that I can find around the garage. I have seen a few BMW 7 series and Maseratis around, among other stuff. I suppose it is a case of “easy target” since it is an ‘05 Civic that is probably easy to just unlock. The only thing in the car was a pair of expensive sunglasses but she could have easily left her laptop or something like that in there. It still just sucks that I am out of town when she found out so I am helpless to do anything about it. I am just mad at whoever the asshole was that decided to rifle through her stuff and make her have a bad day.


My Miata is always parked with the top down and I doubt my Subaru is much more secure of a vehicle anyways. But I never leave anything in the cars other than tools so I am not really concerned there. I suppose my drivers seat in the miata could look of value and easy to take. But I am much more concerned about the state of mind this puts my girlfriend in, to be concerned that we arent safe at home in suburban Woodland Hills. Meanwhile she never had trouble in Hollywood, where there are shootings and all sorts of real problems.  

Not sure what I can do to further security there but the apartment had said they have never seen this before. Just our luck I guess!

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