Got home today top hear my older girl had been abusing the younger girl again, and finally found out why. Older girl is being bullied at school.

Ugh, not this shit again. Everyine goes through it, and I did before I had a growth spurt after 8th grade.

So the part of me that's now a big dude and wants to go back and punchisize all MY buillies, wants to now go to the daughter's school tomorrow and do it to some 2nd grade girls.

Not that I WILL, its just that I want to. The school (supposedly a nice one, in the 'burbs) hasn't and won't do anything it seems, so we're going there tomorrow, the wife and I, to talk it over with the principal. See if threatening to pull my 7yo out, and not have my almost 5yo go there for kindergarten.