I have been in the process of getting my Valiant back on the road for my daily driver. I have been going through the brakes and have already replaced: shoes, cylinders, hardware kit, and I have gotten a good set of factory drums machined. While I was in the process I noticed that all the flexible lines were cracked all the way through the lining, so no big deal I will replace them. Every single fitting is frozen from the hard lines to the flexible lines. This car is a 72 and a survivor that has never been restored, just fixed when needed. These are all probably the original flex lines, all the drums were, to the car. I know I am going to have to cut them off and re-flare the ends. My question is should I just replace all the hard line at this point? Should I go to stainless lines instead of steel? Keep in mind this is a slant six four door, but will gladly spend a little more money for better durability.