Saw this in a 2015+ WRX/STI forum this morning so I’ve decided to write about it. Apparently a 17 year old has been though two 2015 Subaru STI’s already, wrecking both. The story is a 17 year old threatened to harm himself if his grandfather didn’t buy him a Subaru STI. So his rich grandfather bought him his first STI. Being a stupid teenager he tried to drift the AWD car and the back “slid out” hitting some kind of concrete barrier. Being an innocent teenager his grandfather bought him a second brand new STI, and you guessed it! This time while trying to drift (again) he slammed into a concrete barrier, wrecking the car (Pictured Above).

My point is many teenagers and young adults aren’t responsible nowadays. People seem to take better care of thing they actually worked for, not things they were given. In this case he was given a car(S), probably didn’t pay for his own insurance and ended up wrecking both being a stupid spoiled teenager. Will his grandfather buy him another new STI or has the grandfather learned his lesson?