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Given that this is a pretty diverse group here

Hi all, this is a political post talking about Net Neutrality started by your friendly neighborhood moderator Gamecat. If you don’t want to talk about this subject here, please go on to the next post in the list.

I would like to know if there are any members of Oppo who can explain, from the perspective of a non-corporate entity, why Net Neutrality should be eliminated.


I am not looking to start a fight, argument, or intense debate with regard to this. I am legitimately wondering if someone can explain to me, who currently pays a lot of money, and is happy doing so, to be able to access the internet, at home, and through my wireless devices, to stream my collection of music, directly from my server at home, to my devices, wherever I am. The protocols necessary to do this require that I have open, unfettered access to a series of not-so-easily categorized set of bandwidth.

In other words, if internet traffic is categorized, my usage will directly be affected. So yes, this directly has the ability to impact my usage and life.


I have paid for internet access for more than 20 years. And was on BBS’s before that. So I am not new to this, or scared of the technical details. I set up my own server. I manage it. I manually patched bash and shell when my OS didn’t get an update (I’ve since updated everything to a more secure approach, but won’t elaborate about that).

So, political and tech-minded oppo commentariat, can any of you explain how the elimination of Net Neutrality could even begin to start to benefit me?

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