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Giving Thanks: The Greatest Youtube Car Videos This Year

We’re reaching the end of the year but the beginning of the holiday season. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, let’s take a moment to give thanks to our favorite Youtube videos of the year. Feel free to suggest an addition!


Video: “SHARKBAIT” Turbo Miata Review -A Rolling Sense of Humor

David Patterson has really stepped things up this year. The video quality has improved, the quality of the cars he’s driving is up, and the entertainment factor has followed. Props David, enjoy some turbo turkey and E85 gravy.


Video: 1955 Mercedes 300SL Gullwing - One Take

Matt Farah has decided to move on from One Takes at the end of this year but that doesn’t mean he didn’t film some absolute beauties this year. If watching Matt drive this 300SL Gullwing doesn’t make you a bit nervous, then perhaps nothing does. Full brake lock up in a priceless car due to horses crossing the road?!


Video: How To Get Your Significant Other to Work on Cars With You

Jim and Meghann are basically what every car person wants: a healthy relationship based on love, trust, and wrenching. They also have a great little podcast. J&M - Put a little extra mashed potatoes on your plate today!


Video: Review | Ford Shelby GT350R | The Dying Superhero

If you haven’t been watching Mark and Scott’s reviews this year, you have some serious catching up to do. I can’t name another video review that puts almost every car on a lift. Yes, they put a car on the lift and analyze it’s build quality from underneath. On top of that, the videography and beauty shots are great. It’s nerdy, unemotional, and insanely detailed. If you find yourself watching 35 minute long reviews of cars you’d never want to own (looking at you Elantra), then you’re not alone.


Video: Best Car Mod EVER

Marty and Moog are down under, so they will need to wait a while for the turkey and gravy to reach them. All the same, their stuff remains insanely funny and well done. Marty’s Mira build (shipped in halves from Japan and reassembled into a full AWD car), the VTEC Mini, and 2SEXY are just a few of the great series we’ve seen from them this year.

Bonus: The 2SEXY theme song:


Video: 2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio vs. Everything! - Head 2 Head Ep. 85

Okay, anything with Johnny, Freiburger, or Finnegan probably doesn’t need our thanks. It looks like Thanksgiving might be the most boring thing they do all year, but thanks all the same!

Doug DeMuro

Video: The Lexus LFA Is the $400,000 Supercar Nobody Talks About

Yes, he’s kind of the cockroach of automotive internet journalism - crawling into crevasses of cars where almost no man has gone before. This year, however, Doug’s videos seem to have found a niche in the “weird stuff about low volume cars” arena. Thanks Doug - you are as quirky as an LFA and as entertaining as a VW Thing.

Engineering Explained

Video: Do Performance Brake Rotors Have Better Cooling?

Jason Fenske does a fantastic job at breaking down common misconceptions and explaining very complex automotive concepts. He’s kind of the Alton Brown of automotive. I wonder what process he uses for cooking his turkey...

MotorWeek Retro Reviews

Video: 1990 Lexus ES250 & Infiniti M30 | Retro Review

Okay, MotorWeek isn’t the most interesting show ever. However, nostalgia is a wonderful thing. This year, they’ve doubled down on the retro clips and that’s Oppo-approved.

Honorable Mentions:

Torque GT: ‘A Celebration of Japanese Automotive History’

Evo: Renault Sport Mégane RS exclusive. Has Renault Sport returned?

AMMO NYC: Best Techniques For Washing Your Car: ATA 104

EverydayDriverTV: BMWs on the Ring - Everyday Driver Adventure Review

E46 Reviews with T.H.: Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 VS BMW M2 -TRACK REVIEW // One Track Mind Ep. 4

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