Some of you may remember the crazypants E92 Dinan M3 I'm selling for my boss' friend from this post: Car Buying: This Dinan Tuned E92 M3 Isn't Cheap, But It Is Seriously Badass


I'm getting a lot of interest on the forums, some love on craigslist too, but nobody has put up the cash. Even had an offer for a trade with an F430 2 weeks ago and just today for a DB9 Volante. Unfortunately I can't accept trades, because those would have been AWESOME.

So, for the first time in 10 years (really bad experience selling a MKIV GTI part) I opened an eBay account, got a PayPal and listed the M3 there, link is below. Should be fun, right? Right?

2011 BMW M3 Dinan 4.6L V8 S3-R 527hp eBay

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