Giving Turo another chance.

I really want Turo to be good. If it works anywhere, it should work in Los Angeles where they have more cars than any other city. Given that this is the 3rd attempt, I’ve officially given Turo more tries than I give actual people before they’re dead to me.

My first rental was not where it was supposed to be. It was parked 2 miles from where they said it would be (next to my work) which added a half hour and a few dollars to grab a Lyft. They required like 15 photos before you set off, which is understandable for most cars, but it was the most beater beaten 200k mile Chevy Colorado moving truck you’ve ever seen. After setting off, they texted asking for more pictures and I had to pull off the highway to get MORE pictures. I was 1.5 hours late.


Second rental was in Boston. The car broke the week before my rental and wasn’t going to be fixed in time. Turo support found me another car (there were only like 2 cars left in all of Boston), and as they were finalizing details, she said “and just to finish off, you’re good to authorize an additional $800 on the rental, right?”. Uh no. No I am not. I ended up hanging up and booking a real rental. Which also cost me a lot but not +$800 on a $200 rental.

So third time’s the charm. I’ve rental a F-Type Coupe R for my trip to LA. I’ve got an interview on Tuesday. Sunday and Monday I’ll be cruising around in this - I hope.

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