Thank God it was changed. I like using all 1080p of my resolution. It's still buggy, but it's a lot more efficient packaging. Consider that you have access to about 20-30 stories, instantly, with a single click and a little scrolling, whereas before you could only see 3-4 stories at once before needing to scroll.

What people need to realize is that design trends such such as "infinite scroll" and "minimalist content" are no longer the vogue. That's because they were a reaction to cluster-fuck pages (read: ESPN, NBC, etc.) of the mid-2000s that were trying to maximize their info-per-page amount.

And THOSE were a reaction from thumbnail pages where the screen sizes (pre-HD) limited how much you could have, so each article had many pages and you'd have to navigate by links, since everyone's internet sucked back then. As time goes on, we pick up a little bit from each new trend and style and try to create the best webpage possible: all while new technology comes out that challenges those ideas, and market opinion sways based on other aesthetics.

Look at websites like Ogilvy & Mathers. Even with their minimalist approach, they're going for maximum content in one page, it's just trying to keep it looking clean that's the problem (Kinja still has some work to do in that department).

Look at cars in the last 3 years. They change slower than webpages, but the same trend is there. The clean lines and minimalism of the mid-2000s doesn't sell now in the early 2010s.


Rant short, it's about time we got past minimalism (note: "clean", or "simple" are not the same as "minimalist") and started using our absurd internet connections and massive resolution displays to actually get information more efficiently.

That being said.... Things I would like to see:

More differentiation between the related articles and the article image. In no article should the main image be the same size and in the same location (look at the Hyperloop article) as the related ones. The little bar that designations the difference is just simply too small to really be visible. I'd like to see a bit larger picture for main articles, and the related articles be a hover-over picture, that when you hover, expands out to the full list. That way when the length of the first paragraph, or the size of the picture, changes, it doesn't create awkward dead white space. The spacing needs to be consistent article-to-article so I don't have to think about which picture fits the actual article. Think Metro.


Also, Koenigsegg for your time.