Glassdoor employer reviews

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I’ve been exploring my employment options recently, as the industry I’m in is in a weird place, and I’m not necessarily satisfied with my current situation.

I’m currently midstream in the interview process with a company (initial application, Wonderlic, initial phone screen, and 1st skills test completed, 2nd skills test upcoming today and presumably a round of Skype interviews as the last step). Benefits and pay are great, work from home, in an industry I have over 15 years of experience with.


The kicker is the reviews I’ve found on Glassdoor. There are a number of negative reviews of the company, but I’m not sure if they’re legitimate, or just the rantings of lazy, disgruntled former employees. I’ve never worked for a business large enough to have a Glassdoor listing, so this is the first time I’ve ever poked around their web site.

TL/DR: Not happy where I currently am employed, looking at another employer that so far sounds great, but has some questionable reviews. I’m not really a “job hopper”, and have usually been acquainted with businesses and their employees before working there, but not in this case. Help/suggestions?

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