Glorious silence

I successfully, after 4 hours of everything that could go wrong going wrong, attached Ninja 500 factory mufflers to my Vulcan 500. Pics and before/after video after the jump.

Here’s a visual comparison of the old and new mufflers. I dunno what the old ones were but they had this odd metallic “ping” to them at cruising speed that was incredibly grating.

It sounded alright at idle though.


All the penetrating oil and propane torch in the world wasn’t enough to get this off. Ended up mangling it with an air hammer.

The super simple “straight piece of flat stock with a hole in either end” brackets worked great to hold the mufflers in place. The problem at this point was the exhaust clamps were too big and I couldn’t find any for sale locally. Hmmm.


The solution was to cut a quarter inch out of the band and TIG weld it back together! I also replaced the super lame rusty bolt and death-wheel’d off the gross nut.

After. The phone and echo are trying to make it sound louder than it is. Above 20mph the wind noise is louder than the bike. While accelerating I can actually hear the straight-cut gears in the transmission and the clutch engaging over the exhaust. It’s glorious. I can now start and choke it in the mornings without waking up the neighbors.

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