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Glory Days

ImmoralMinority’s posts about the Oregon Dunes reminded me of my own trip there and of my trips to Little Sahara, a state park in NW Oklahoma. Little Sahara isn’t much to look at when compared to places like the Oregon Dunes. It’s just 1,600 acres and the biggest dune is only about 80 ft tall, but it was close enough to home that we could get there on Friday after work, ride all day Saturday and again on Sunday morning, then be back home before dark.

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Screenshot: Google Maps

Of course, it was one of my uncles who was the enabler. He bought a pair of Yamaha Banshees, little two-stroke 350s that were perfect for shredding dunes. Today I share the one and only photo of me jumping the dunes!

Illustration for article titled Glory Days
Photo: BicycleBuck

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