Well the other day came after promising since before christmas to do a colleagues car (she is also a friend of one of our neighbours). We had agreed that in the new year was best and while I was off work (I’ve still got loads of holiday hours to use up before the end of the financial year).

Only the weather took a turn and apparently the weather we should of had in December where we had three bad storms decided to turn up that very morning. So cue me, no sleep, -2 degrees celsius, a filthy car inside and out and only my say that I’d do it. Did it.

Full interior antibacterial scrub (she has a dog which is allowed to roam the car) and vacuum of all surfaces. Exterior fully degreased and washed. Polished off old water spots and then sealed the car.



Thankfully it only took four and a half hours as my fingers were going numb.

Also three hours later, it started to snow. Three inches of the ruddy stuff.