I wanted to share something I thought was weird, and obviously cut costs for GM. To the left is a latch assembly and door lock actuator from a ‘04 Pontiac Grand Prix. To the right, the same part but from my ‘07 Grand Prix. This is where things get a little weird.

‘04 version of left, ‘07 version on right.

When I called up the dealership yesterday, they told me there were two versions of this part with one main difference; one with a child safety lock, the other without one. He even told me the child safety lock version was introduced sometime during ‘06, where all new models have the new version. So all pre-’06 ones won’t have it.

So I found it curious that the older version had a place to hold a safety lock, but didn’t have one. It's just missing the part. So I'm guessing GM decided to design the piece with a safety lock in mind, but didn't use it?

‘04 version of left, ‘07 version on right.


‘04 version on top, ‘07 on bottom.
Fits like a glove.