I like GM products, I was a co-op student at GM, and I wish GM well. But sometimes they make crap. My ‘07 Uplander has has not been bullet proof. In 8 years of ownership, I’ve replaced a transmission solenoid and currently stop leak is fixed my seeping intake manifold . If that were it, I could live with that because problems happen to any car.

But what I am not sympathetic to are crap problems caused by shoddy, cheap supply chain decisions.

1st example is my badge. If I had a dime for every time I’ve heard how important a corporate brand is, I’d be rich. So GM, if your brand is so important, how the heck do you use badges that disintegrate in 5 years? Low bidder crap mentality. Mary Barra, you ought to provide replacements for free.

Second example - ever notice how most GM van rear wipers older than 5 years are at half mast? The reason reason is that the wiper shaft goes through a pot metal housing and the housing corrosion locks the shaft, burning out the motor. Here’s mine that failed at about 5 years, I just got around to replacing it this weekend. Brilliant.


It’s not like it’s impossible to use parts that last. We just sold my wife’s 14 your old Civic Si with 200,000 mile that had virtually no problems. I’ve never seen a Honda rear wiper motor fail. I suppose if you compared the Honda rear motor to the GM, the differences would be obvious. It ain’t rocket science.

The problem with GM is (was) leadership encourages cheap, regardless of the consequences. I suppose it’s a “this quarter” profit mentality. Also I suppose JD Power doesn’t measure burned out wipers or disintegrating badges 6 years down the line.

Leaders either don’t know or don’t care. And they probably don’t think the customer knows or cares either. The result, the only way I will buy a GM product is to get a 2 years old one with 40% depreciation like my van and tolerate the quality. But I would not touch a new one.