Today the Google machine leaked the news that the 2015 Zo6 will come equipped with a 620hp/650ft lbs Lt(?) V8. I wondered, has any manufacturer offered to the public so many high performance V8s, ever, in the history, "Of The World?"

Even if we don't consider the totally utilitarian but stout truck motors, today GM gives us at least a half dozen high performance V8s, from which to choose...

-LS3, 430hp, available in: Camaro SS, Chevy SS, crate motor.

-LT1-DI, 455hp, available in: 2014 Corvette-Stingray

-LS7, 505hp, available in: Corvette Zo6, Camaro Z28, crate motor.

-LSA, 556-580hp, available in: Cadillac CTS-V, Camaro ZL1, crate motor.

-LT(wha?), 620hp, available in: 2015 C7 Corvette Zo6

-LS9, 638hp, available in: Corvette Zr1, crate motor.

Has any other manufacturer ever been so drunk on power, or it's ability to produce HP so cheaply and efficiently that ever offered six different 400+hp V8s at any one time?

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