GM just won all the brownie points

For the best display of customer service I’ve ever heard of.

My Aunt tracks a 2014 Corvette Z51. As of last month, it had just north of 5000 miles on the odometer, less than 300 of which were from public roads. Her local GM dealer did all the race prep; lowered springs, race oil, race brake fluid, race pads, number decals, etc.


Anyway, it just blew its engine in the middle of a track day. Smoke, steam, fluids, the whole nine yards. Ugh. Tow it back home to the dealership, keep Steve Lehto on speed dial, and wait for the inevitable legal battle to get it fixed.


GM called back immediately and said that it was a known defect, that it shouldn’t have blown up even under track conditions, and that they’d replace the engine 100% under warranty by the end of the week! They even called back a few days later to ask if they should put the race-spec fluids back in.

Now that’s a company that stands by their product! Good on you, GM. You garuanteed a customer for life, and gave me a damn good reason to buy a (another) Corvette over a Porsche when I get my next track car.

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