What is the sound of one piston slapping?
What is the sound of one piston slapping?

Yes, I am still PISSED that you can;t get a new Camaro with T-tops because GM half-assed and left that critical feature put of the 5th gen Camaro. I mean COME ON, that’s what they’re known for! The Camaro, oh yeah, the car with the T-TOPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Late 3rd-gen F-bodies, 3.5-gen, 90-92, came with plastic T-tops. These weigh less than glass, which will shut the anti T-top tards up that complain about extra weight. Oh and also, plastic doesn’t shatter. The problem, of course, is that the plastic scratched easily, so anyone who complained during the warranty period got a replacement set of glass T-tops.


For the 4th gen, they stopped using hte plastic T-tops, but the 4th gen cars were designed as T-tops from the very beginning, so there was no extra weight penalty at all. 4th gen hardtops are structurally the same as the T-top cars but with a sheet metal panel welded in place. In fact, it’s relatively easy to convert them to T-tops by just taking off the metal roof and putting the glass panels on.

Of course, GM has always been too stupid to also offer metal T-tops on the Camaro/Firebird. The Corvette has been available with a metal targa top since at least the C5.

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