So I got around to changing the oil after the GM dashboard on the truck kept saying “CHANGE ENGINE OIL” at every possible opportunity. Shenanigans followed (including GIS, hehehe).

I think it works the same way the “FUEL LEVEL LOW” works, which is to say that it comes on way before you actually need to know. Like when you have 7 gallons left in a 26 gallon tank: “FUEL LEVEL LOW”. Anyway...

So “CHANGE ENGINE OIL”. Seems simple enough. Until I literally did the first thing. Attempt to remove the drain plug. It would not come off.

Instead of boring you with details, I needed an 1/2 drive air impact gun to get the bolt off. At first, I thought this was due to something being a doofus the last time they installed the drain plug.


Then I went to look at my Haynes manual for the torque spec, because I’m neurotic about tightening fasteners.

62 ft-lbf of torque.

Oh. Damnit. This explains so much. I think GM mechanics need to have a whiskey cabinet somewhere near their work area when stuff like this shows up in the service manual.


So Oppo: bourbon, scotch, or other whiskey/hard liquor?