Contrary to how it seems, GM has a surprisingly weak and awkward showing when it comes to covering the utility market. I was going crazy over the lineup gaps, weird pricing, and of course the brand heirarchy being so terrible that I had to do an analysis. If youre horrified by utilities then you won’t be happy when I tell you GM isn’t offering a third of what they could offer by 2021.

Here are the utility segments that the market will eventually evolve into:

  • Subcompact: 165" (4191 mm) length
  • Small Compact: 175" (4445 mm) length [No GM presence]
  • Compact: 185" (4699 mm) length
  • Sport Compact: 185" (4699 mm) length [No GM Presence]
  • Midsize: 190" (4826 mm) length
  • Sport Midsize: 190" (4826 mm) length [No GM Presence]
  • Midsize 7-Seater: 195" (4953 mm) length
  • Fullsize 8-Seater: 205" (5207 mm) length
  • Fullsize SUV: 205" (5207 mm) length
  • Extended SUV: 220" (5588 mm) length

Also keep in mind that the starting prices always impact what powertrains and features come standard. Feel free to ask questions since I took liberties. Overall, GM is hitting about 19 out of a possible 60-70 utility vehicle model lines that are available in the future if they nail the branding. That’s at being their most aggressive though.

Subcompact Utility (approx. 165"L)


Chevrolet Trax (168"L) - $21,000

[GMC Gophar] - $22,500

Buick Encore (168"L) - $22,990 [*should be $27,000]

[Denali Gophar] - $31,000

[Avenir Encore] - $34,000

[Cadillac XT1] - $35,000

As the vehicles get larger the brand premium become extremely apparent. The Encore is priced where the GMC version would go.


Small Compact Utility (175"L)

*Can’t think of GM picture that could go here. Sorry.

This would be where your Nissan Rogue Sport, Jeep Compass, and BMW X1 competitors would slot in.


[Chevy Equinox Sport] - $22,500

[GMC Tracker] - $24,000

[Buick Enquire] - $29,000

[Denali Tracker] - $35,000

[Avenir Enquire] - $38,000 

[Cadillac XT2] - $39,000

Compact Utility (approx. 185"L)


Chevrolet Equinox (183"L) - $23,580

GMC Terrain (182"L) - $24,995

Buick Envision (184"L) - $34,065

[Denali Terrain] - $38,000

[Avenir Envision] - $41,000

[Cadillac XT3] - $42,000

[Brougham XT3] - $61,000

The Buick Envision is at the correct pricing for if it were based on the new Equinox, however let’s just consider this first gen Envision to be bankrolling the development of the next one as well as the new Regal and its variants.


Compact Sport Utility (185"L)


*RWD based on Alpha Platform. Crossover versions of Camaro/ATS. Street focused performance.

[Chevrolet Crossbow] - $26,000

[GMC Badlands] - $27,500

[Buick Super] - $37,000

[Denali Badlands] - $43,000

[Avenir Super] - $44,000

[Cadillac XT4] - $45,000

[Cadillac XT4 V] - $65,000

This is a brand new segment which really kicked off with the Stelvio QV this year and will be packed over the next 4 years.


Midsize Two-Row Utility (approx. 190"L)


[Chevrolet Aurora] - $26,000

[GMC Zion] - $28,000

[Buick Envy] - $38,000

[Denali Zion] - $44,000

[Avenir Envy] - $48,000

Cadillac XT5 (189"L) - $39,995 [*Should be $49,000 and RWD]

[Brougham XT5] - $59,995

[RWD platform Brougham XT5] - $69,000

The XT5 is what Buick should be selling. GM is leveraging a lot of brand cachet in order to compete with the Lexus RX and have a volume seller in Cadillac. This one model is completely messing up everything GM could offer and why there is so much flip flopping in who sales what at which size. The SRX/XT5 is cutting GM’s possible utility offerings by half and destroying the branding for GMC and Buick.


Midsize Sport Utility (approx. 190"L)


*RWD based utilities with an off-road focus. Think 4Runner, Grand Cherokee, and Range Rover Sport.

[Chevrolet Blazer/Trailblazer] - $31,000

[GMC Humvee] - $33,000

[Buick Endure] - $43,000

[Denali Humvee] - $48,000

[Avenir Endure] - $52,000

[Cadillac XT6] - $54,000

[Brougham XT6] - $74,000

[Cadillac XT6 V] - $74,000

[Brougham XT6 V] - $84,000

The luxury trim of a 650 hp V8 midsize SUV from Cadillac would be the same price as the Trackhawk. I say that in case you were wondering where Jeep found that premium. I’ve been meaning to disuss why the Trackhawk is what it is from a branding stand point, hopefully this gives you all a clue.


Midsize 7-Seater Utility (approx. 195"L)


The Acura MDX is pretty much the blue print of the segment.

[Chevrolet Recess] - $28,500

GMC Acadia (193"L) - $29,995

[Buick Entourage] - $39,000

Denali Acadia - $45,020

[Avenir Entourage] - $51,000

[Cadillac XT7] - $52,000

[*Omega Platform XT7] - $61,000

[Brougham XT7] - $72,000

[*Omega Platform Brougham XT7] - $81,000

There is enough room for Cadillac’s first generation 3-row crossover to go with a RWD platform and give the other brands more room to stretch out.


Fullsize 8-Seater Utility (approx. 205"L)


Chevrolet Traverse (204"L) - $29,930

[GMC Foraker] - $32,000

Buick Enclave (204"L) - $39,995

[Denali Foraker] - $48,000

Avenir Enclave - $56,960 [*$52,000]

[Cadillac XT8] - $54,000

[*Omega Platform XT8] - $63,000

[Brougham XT8] - $74,000

[*Omega Platform Brougham XT8] - $83,000

You have every right to be a bit shocked over the Chevy Traverse High Country being priced at around $53,000. It seems to be covering GMC’s market. Right now Buick is underpriced on the Enclave and a bit high on the Avenir Enclave assuming that Cadillac uses the same platform. However, if Cadillac goes RWD then the Enclave could adjust upwards.


Fullsize SUV (approx 205"L)


Chevrolet Tahoe (204"L)- $47,215

GMC Yukon (204"L) - $49,080

[Buick Roadmaster] - $59,000

Denali Yukon (204"L) - $66,165

[Avenir Roadmaster] - $72,000

Cadillac Escalade (204"L) - $74,590

[Brougham Escalade] - $94,000

GM actually has the Fullsize SUV segments right in the pocket in terms of pricing and the brand heirarchy. A Buick version of the trio could debut tomorrow and slot in exactly where it should.


Extended SUV (approx. 220"L)


Chevrolet Suburban (224"L) - $49,915

GMC Yukon XL (224"L) - $51,780

[Buick Roadmaster LWB] - $61,000

Denali Yukon XL - $68,865

[Avenir Roadmaster LWB] - $75,000

Cadillac Escalade ESV (224"L) - $77,590

[Brougham Escalade ESV] - $97,000

I think it’s worth noting that the new Lincoln Navigator is the same as these Escalade prices I’m sharing and that the Lincoln Black Label is about where I’m speculating a Cadillac Brougham level to be. Cadillac is about 10% below the amount of prestige they (and we) would call ideal. They really need to take the same market position that Jaguar retreated from which was starting at the midtrim levels of BMW and Mercedes. That means accepting Maserati volume of sales and letting Buick be the brand that takes on Audi and Lexus.


Yes, I seriously believe this utility thing isn’t even halfway to its market peak right now.