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GM Should Use the Opel Badge in the US for Their Electric Cars

I mean look at that cheese grater, wouldn’t a lightening badge just set that off! I say toss it on the Volt, the Bolt, the upcoming Jolt sportscar, and the 4-door coupe SUV that will be named the Dolt! Boom, instant GM electric subbrand for the US! They can even spin it off into a Tesla fighting brand called...hmmm, not Opel, that would be confusing...how about Oldsmobile! Then for the Opel versions, put a bowtie on the them since electricity is some fancy Iggy tech. They can call that subbrand...Saturn because planetary gears are a still thing, right! Hmm, but the UK needs something for Vauxhall. How about...Hummer! You know, for the sound the cars make and that thing you still won’t be getting in the backseat. Gotta needlessly swap badges to confuse the market, right babe?!


*This post in response to the new Volt becoming the Buick Velite for China.

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