Either that or they need to provide a single shot gun to their participants. I just took a 2 hour video on demand that I could not just click through, only to not pass with the needed 80 percent pass rate at the end. Let's be honest, how the hell does GM think that as dealership employee, I have the 2 hours at any given time to devote to this? Then, when I didn't pass the test (70 is what I got for all concerned) I get to take the whole damn course over again! WHY???????

I do have job responsibilities and customers you know.

When training people, it's all about short, to the point courses for retention purposes. Having worked in training before I can say with certainty that this was awful for many reasons. That's 2 hours of my life I will never get back. Ever. And now I have to waste another 2 fucking hours of my life.